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Embracing new technology in the workplace

The steady growth of the digital age has had a significant impact on the business workplace.

In today's world, technology advances at such a breakneck pace that it is difficult to keep up. New tools are continually being developed in order to save time, money, and improve productivity. The key to making technology work for you and your team is to adopt it in the right way. Technology in the workplace allows individuals to get more done in less time.

How can technology be embraced in the workplace

Employees typically dislike new technology and prefer old technology since they are more familiar with it and have been using it for years. Employees must recognise and understand that change is necessary for the company to succeed and so they have to embrace new technology.

Employees should get rid of the "this is how we do it" approach and be open to how the technology might bring the company unlimited benefits like greater staff productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction, cost savings, better customer service, and increased industry relevance or brand recognition etc.

Organisations are responsible for helping and supporting their employees to make a smooth transition. Here are a few suggestions on how to go about it:

  • Companies should educate their staff on the technology and show them how the new tools will help them do their jobs better.

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere with ample communication so that everyone feels included and empowered.

  • Assist employees in seeing past any apparent short-term suffering to the long-term vision.

  • Educate and assist them in recognising why change is needed, how it will occur, and how it will benefit all employees.

  • Take the initiative and lead by example.

  • Follow up and explain the effects of the changes you made; some individuals won't trust the change unless they see it in action.

Technology has unquestionably altered the business landscape, and those that adapt by embracing the latest technological developments are more likely to surpass their more conventional counterparts. As individuals embrace technology in their daily lives, innovation will continue, and businesses must be prepared to adapt.

For example, certain current technologies assist companies in remote working. Companies can now recruit and work with people from anywhere in the world who have access to the internet, as well as monitor their work and ensure that employees meet assignment deadlines. Companies like Andela, Coinbase, and many others are focusing more on remote working in order to adapt to the new normal and make use of the new technology available to them.

We at OVAC Group are also focusing more on remote working in a bid to adapt to the new normal and make use of technologies available.

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