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Need assistance with banking, financial, and related issues?

Our Financial Consultants possess the analytical ability and know-how to provide expertise on data analysis, financial reporting and forecasting, credit analysis and market research. We provide solutions which help clients make decisions on money and allied matters.

We understand the responsibility we are given when our clients entrust us with their financial objectives and investment decisions. While no investment is risk free, we can offer options that help navigate and provide some insulation from the worst of the market’s volatility.


Financial Advisers/Counsellors/Managers

We provide expertise for clients' decisions around money matters, personal finances, and investments by:

  • managing the financial tasks for a company.

  • providing scientific analysis of all facts and figures through various financial tools, such as different financial statements, budgets etc.

  • maintaining the financial records for tax purposes and invoices.

  • planning the short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial goals of an organisation.

  • protecting their assets, carry out strategies to raise capital and develop financial plans.


We can also support you with the following services:

Business plan development - We develop business plans for start-ups and existing companies by helping them conceptualise their business ideas.

Financial planning - We help businesses determine how to afford their strategic goals
and objectives by preparing financial projections and feasibility reports.

​Financial strategy analysis - We review your financial profile and help you identify opportunities to improve cash flow by recovering excess or non-contractual charges from your contracts with financial institutions.

Capital formation strategy - Capital is the lifeblood of a business whether as a start-up or a growing business. We are focused on providing the best possible financial outcomes through a variety of portfolios that satisfy specific goals and risk appetite.

Market research and analysis - We will help you identify, examine and analyse the needs, size, customers and competition of a particular sector, industry, market or niche.


Debt Management and Receiver Managers Consultants

We advise people on how to achieve debt relief and develop a viable plan for paying off debt by managing your finances more effectively. We can take possession of to sell or liquidate the assets secured by the security agreement to repay the outstanding debt.  


Credit Analysts, Administrators and Managers

We assess the creditworthiness of potential customers, conduct background checks on potential customers to determine their ability to pay back the principal and interest and oversee the credit granting process for a company. We also conduct periodic reviews of existing customers.


Arbitrators, Mediators and Conciliators in Banking and Finance Matters

We help opposing parties settle disputes outside of court in Banking and Finance Matters



We hold and administer property or assets for the benefit of a third party and have a fiduciary responsibility.


Industry Analysts

We perform primary and secondary market research within an industry.

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