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2022 highligths and here's to a fruitful 2023

First of all, a big thank you to all for your loyalty and to our new clients for doing business with us over the past 12 months. We would not be able to achieve so much without you.

2022 was a challenging year for businesses, but we remained strong and agile to provide you with pragmatic solutions.

So, how did we perform? Here are a few highlights…


  • In May, we established OVACtech, a start-up UK software development company that uses blockchain technology to solve system communication challenges, especially where organisations with disparate IT systems need to interact with one another to improve customer outcomes. We also offer a website design and developments service and provide internship and opportunities.

  • One of our first product development is Sermegon® - a cloud-based software solution that uses blockchain technology to enable disparate IT systems to exchange and make use of information in one single place without the need for complex and/or expensive integration programmes. Sermegon® centralises datasets from relevant multiple sources in one place, bringing together the necessary information required to facilitate efficient communication. Sermegon® can be of interest for the Health, Care, Security, Central Government and Aviation sectors.

  • In 2023, we will aim to increase its functionalities and focus on user needs and feedback, operations development and improved features.

Respite Tea

It was a busy year for Respite Tea…

In the UK, we

  • launched our new advert in the UK which was featured on Sky.

  • were awarded a 5-star rating, the highest for food hygiene and safety practice, by the UK Food Standards Agency following our production site inspection. This validates our commitment to providing you with only the best quality.

  • we attended many food fairs and held market stalls.

  • we launched our new tea caddy, whose vibrant design will add a focal point for your favourite drink.

In Nigeria, we

  • launched a successful campaign on buses and held sales activation in sport centres and supermarkets

  • set up a network of distributors

  • saw a significant increase in sales

Afro Business Expo

  • Due to the uncertainty brought by the pandemic and following intense deliberations, we cancelled our Annual Afro Business Expo.

  • We are delighted to confirm that this well attended event will take place in the UK on 14-15 September 2023, at The Rembrandt Hotel, London.

  • For more information, please visit our Afro Business Expo website To register an interest as a speaker, exhibitor or sponsors, please email us at If you like to attend as a delegate, why not benefit from the early bird registration rate, by following this link: We look forward to welcoming you.

Wishing you and yours a very healthy, successful and prosperous 2023 and we look forward to continuing working with you.


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