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Celebrating International Women’s Day

As a women-led company, the OVAC Group is celebrating all women on International Women’s Day today.

The United Nations’ theme this year is: DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.

Part of our OVAC Group, OVACtech Ltd is a UK software woman-led start-up specialising in interoperability, using blockchain technology to enable data sharing between incompatible systems, thus improving sharing of data.

OVACtech has developed Sermegon® - a cloud-based software solution that uses blockchain technology to enable disparate IT systems to exchange and make use of information in one single place without the need for complex and/or expensive integration programmes.

Sermegon® was initially aimed at addressing the needs of England’s 42 Integrated Care Systems to reduce delayed transfer of care by enabling organisations involved in the patient pathway to communicate and track progress while ensuring the patient is informed and involved.

However, as a scalable product, Sermegon® can help a wide range of industries who experience problems associated with sharing information across incompatible systems or are hindered by manual processes.

Indeed, Sermegon® centralises datasets from relevant multiple sources in one place, bringing together the necessary information required to facilitate efficient communication between all organisations involved in complex service delivery and their customers.

OVACtech Director Ngozi Fakeye concludes: ‘Thanks to its blockchain technology, Sermegon® enables exchange and use of information in one single place without the need for complex and/or expensive integration programmes. It also encourages greater transparency and accountability; provides greater security not only at the authentication level but also by making cyber-attacks and tampering with records extremely difficult; and it is easy to use -cutting training time and costs. Sermegon® is the solution for any multi-tenanted providers who interact or coalesce around a single user/customer, whatever their sector of activity.’

For more information about OVACtech, please visit our website at: or email us at: to request a demo of Sermegon®.


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