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e-CRM - an overview

The introduction and expansion of e-commerce and the globalisation of the internet have revolutionised how business is conducted. E-CRM, or electronic customer relationship management, was one of such innovations.

What is e-CRM?

Electronic customer relationship management (e-CRM) is an electronic tool that aids businesses in managing and tracking their interactions with consumers via social media and other online channels. This is a customer relationship management (CRM) procedure that is structured properly.

The value of the e-CRM technology is increasing for all businesses in all sectors. It strengthens the bond between the company and the consumer/user. It also allows businesses to choose products and services that will meet client demands and needs.

E-CRM is fuelled by the ease of access to the internet via the usage of various platforms and gadgets like laptops, desktops, and other similar devices.

The e-CRM tool is a web-based application used to connect with and satisfy customers.

E-CRM components include product information, transaction history, customer characteristic reports, administrative monitoring, customer and account management, and integration. And, with such information, businesses may learn more about consumer behaviour, purchase behaviours and shopping habits.

The benefits of e-CRM

E-CRM technology solutions enable businesses to deliver a superior customer experience across all platforms and channels.

The advantages and benefits of e-CRM for your business include:

  • Facilitating the promotion of your goods and services to the desired market.

  • Increasing client happiness and loyalty.

  • Increasing customer retention, by ensuring offers are appropriate for the needs of the consumer.

  • Aiding in boosting sales.

  • Aiding in cost savings.

  • Attracting prospective buyers to your website, which may lead to an increase in sales.

In summary, companies all over the world have been implementing e-CRM as a technology business tool to boost client retention and loyalty while also cutting expenses.

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