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Getting integrated with current trends

It is no longer news that 2020 was an unprecedented year that featured businesses going bust, imposed lockdowns across the world, and saw the emergence of innovative ways of working.

With 2021, there is hope for a fresh start for those businesses that have emerged and those that have adapted to a new normal. For these companies, it is all about thriving and setting out milestones for the year ahead, regardless of whether Covid-19 persists or not.

Amid the pandemic, trends have emerged, with some solving pressing issues, such as keeping in touch and delivering business as normal to customers. The burning question is what significance will these have on your business in 2021?

One of the successful trends of note is the rise in social media usage for businesses. Social media has indeed been crucial for keeping many businesses afloat since the pandemic began. However, some businesses are unsure as to how to continue to harness the influence of social media as part of their long-term strategy, and thus improve their customer engagement and brand awareness to achieve their goals.

Another trend is remote working. For the most part of 2020, it was the answer for business continuity. Remote working brings positive and negative impacts to both staff and employers. Some advantages for both groups are staff being able to continue to work instead of being furloughed or made redundant, staff safety and lower carbon footprint. The disadvantages rest around internal communication and keeping staff engaged and motivated. As remote working becomes more permanently established, disadvantages will need to be ironed out to ensure it becomes successfully embedded in business environments.

If your business struggles with these new trends or if you would like help to initiate a new business model and implement it, please do not hesitate to contact us at, where the OVAC Group team will be delighted to devise or support your needs.


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