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Review of the top 3 trends in 2020

It is the time of the year for reflection and 2020 with its life changing global situation meant that many trends were no longer a priority.

The coronavirus crisis has indeed hit many businesses around the world. Without any prior notice or preparation for change, these have been forced to adjust their operations or simply stop trading. So, here are our top three global changers.

1 - Remote working

Many businesses have had to embrace remote working to remain active. Their productivity levels were for the most part not too adversely affected by it. This is not entirely a new concept, but it has been largely side-lined in the past.

2 – Social media

We witnessed a hike in the use of social media. Statistics have shown many businesses have remained in touch with their customers via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram... This trend will continue in 2021.

3 – Digitisation

Lastly, from virtual meetings using platforms such as Zoom, GoogleMeet and Microsoft Team to webinars, it has been the time to embrace digital transformation, which is here to stay.

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