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Personas as a component of the marketing mix

Having spent together the last few weeks discussing the 12Ps of marketing, we conclude our series today by discussing personas.

What is a persona?

Personas are fictitious representations of groupings of comparable individuals in a target market. They may assist you in developing strategies for connecting with consumers on a more personal level and distributing the appropriate offers, messages and goods at the appropriate times.

A marketing persona is a document that includes broad demographic data like gender, job title, job function, business size, team size, demands, pain points, and obstacles in addition to describing your target audiences who, what, when, where, and why. customer segment descriptions that are detailed and rich lead to a greater comprehension of the needs, goals, behaviours, and motivations of each group, and as a result increase your sales.

Marketing decisions made about personas

Every customer has various goals or requirements and is at a different point of the purchase cycle, which affects how they think and behave so a rich description of targeted segments gives a company a deeper knowledge of the requirements, interests, goals, needs, desires behaviours, and motivations of various consumer groups.

There are four typical types of consumers:

Competitive – They are searching for your distinguishing characteristics. They avoid wasting time; therefore, you need to persuade them that your business can provide a rapid solution to their issue.

Spontaneous – They want assurance that your product or service can meet their needs right away. They like simplicity and action. You don't need to worry them with specifics and frigid, hard facts; if your product or service looks to be a good fit for their requirements, they will buy it straight away. They only need to like you for them to convert.

Humanistic – A person with a humanistic persona is often kind and people-oriented. Because they respect and look for relationships with the business that they are buying from, they make deliberate and emotional purchasing decisions.

Methodical – They love the fine print and minutiae, despises chaos and are curious about your procedure. The methodical persona seeks evidence of fact. They are really interested in learning how your goods or services may help them. They are the most challenging to convert since they tend to make slow and deliberate purchases.

In summary, knowing how each persona behaves will enable you to target them and meet their demands and needs more effectively.

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